Flower and Snail

On to some real talk. Have you seen a giant snail eat a flower? Have you seen it gobble the whole thing and lounge there on the land as if it was nothing?

If you show the snail and the flower to a random person on the street they will, most of the time, say that the flower is beautiful and the giant snail grotesque. Some will want to eat the flower, some will want to fry the snail in butter, some will want to eat them both.

That the snail is a snail and the flower is a flower is important. But what does the snail make of the flower? Food. That’s it. What does the flower make of the snail? Not known. But we have an idea of what they make of each other. We think: the snail is hungry and needs food. Does the snail know it’s hungry? How much of our life is projection and personification? Are we attributing mental faculties to the snail that don’t exist?

What about the other snail on the wall where there’s only paint and no flowers? It’s about the same size. It’s not fatter or taller. Does it not hunger for flowers?

What about the flower? Is its life more important than the snail’s? Is it our duty to save the flower from the snail?

What about the snail then? If it dies of hunger, is it not our responsibility.

It’s a snail eating a flower. Poor flower; happy snail.